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Five Minutes can Save a Child’s Vision for Life

By adopting the use of portable vision screeners throughout India, the vision of approximately 10 lakhs (1m) children can be treated and saved before the onset of permanent damage from amblyopia Amblyopia: Affecting 10 lakhs (1m) Children Every Year Amblyopia is a medical condition in which a person’s vision in at least one of the… Read more >

Video: Conscious Companies make strong profits and improve their communities

January 6, 2013 Entrepreneur Info

Michael “Luni” Libes, founder of startup ‘conscious company’ incubator, Fledge, shares his thoughts on options that all businesses — large and small — have for how they operate. Is your business focused only on profit maximization with no regard for negative impacts, or do you have a mission built into your operating and cultural DNA?… Read more >

Challenges and opportunities for hybrid organizations

A growing number of the best entrepreneurs are choosing to create (for-profit) businesses (rather than non-profits) because they believe that they can realize more sustainable and scalable impact on those living at the base of the economic pyramid (BOP) Stanford Social Innovation Review has just published an article called “In Search of the Hybrid Ideal”… Read more >

Unitus Seed Fund: Harnessing Small Equity for Scale at the BoP

May 11, 2012 Media Coverage

This interview with Dave Richards, Managing Director of Unitus Seed Fund, by Sriram Gutta was originally posted on NextBillion. I recently had the opportunity to interview Dave Richards, managing director of Unitus Seed Fund – a new seed stage venture fund investing in startups with high potential to improve the lives of many BoP families in India. Dave… Read more >

Unitus Seed Fund invests in Villgro Innovation Marketing (Now Known as VillFarm)

April 11, 2012 Agriculture, Investment

Unitus Seed Fund is excited to announce that we’ve made a seed investment in VillFarm based in Chennai! This is our 4th seed investment in 2012. VillFarm is building an innovative last mile rural distribution business starting in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are focused on distributing affordable, high value-add agriculture and dairy input… Read more >

Top 10 questions social enterprise founders should ask themselves

March 15, 2012 Entrepreneur Info

Guest post by Pankaj Jain of Impact Law Ventures, our fantastic legal advisor. This article was originally posted on NextBillion.net As a corporate lawyer working at the intersection of start-up space and social enterprise sectors, I often find myself assisting co-founders in structuring relationships. When it comes to these founder partnerships or the much broader larger… Read more >

Great group of global social entrepreneurs gather in Seattle

March 5, 2012 Update

I was really impressed with the group of young social entrepreneurs who participated in University of Washington’s Foster School of Business Global Social Entrepreneur Competition (GSEC) last week in Seattle. All of the team members are currently enrolled in higher education. Many of them are in graduate school. All of them are extremely passionate about building… Read more >

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