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Unitus Capital Reports Impact Investing Makes Up 31% of India’s Private Equity Transactions

This calendar quarter brings 19 investors, 11 investments in 8 funds, and 11 mainstream investors jumping into investing in impact businesses. Unitus Capital has issued their 2014 second calendar quarter (Q2) impact equity research report. They noted that impact equity investing continued to be a key component of the India private equity landscape making up 31%… Read more >

No Handouts Required: A Hand Up to a Better Livelihood

Giving India’s Poor Control Over Choice and Dignity There are 1.2 billion citizens of the world trapped in cycles of extreme poverty and surviving on less than $1.25 a day; a third of whom live in India.  For most of these individuals, their standing as poor is not a reflection of their will, effort and… Read more >

Four Key Areas Transforming Livelihoods in India

In the midst of rapid economic and population growth, four subsectors of India’s economy deserve extra attention because of their potential impact on India’s BoP population of one billion.  In the previous article, we explored how in the next decade, more than 13M Indian’s per year will enter the workforce for the first time and… Read more >

India’s Economic Growth Depends on Massively Improved Upskilling

In the midst of economic transformation, how will India absorb a growing workforce on track to number 1 billion by 2030 while in the midst of economic transformation?  With the Indian government a few years into the ambitious goal of training and skilling 500M by 2022, or 50M a year, it is important to understand the… Read more >

Realizing India’s Demographic Dividend: Gainfully Employing a Billion Person Workforce

Demographic Dividend: the acceleration of economic growth resulting from change in the age structure of a population We explored the importance of economic security, opportunity and dignity underlying our approach to Livelihoods, and demonstrated how we are working to leverage reports showing up to three-quarters of the impact to raise 680M Indians to decent standard of living will come… Read more >

Updated India BOP statistics

March 17, 2012 Entrepreneur Info, Investor Info

UPDATE: See our updated definition of Base of the Economic Pyramid in India Last year, Omidyar Network presented a very helpful report called Inclusive Innovation which referenced some recent statistics on the size of the BOP (the base of the economic pyramid) population in India. India’s BOP represents 835 million people and $360 billion in disposable income SOURCE:… Read more >

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