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Our portfolio company @GoCoop1 raises Series A, plans to expand to 100 craft clusters - https://t.co/TDrhVWBR5V @kris_sg @ianetwork
https://t.co/tOWfja7MA4 I think it is important to separate ‘companies shutting down’ & ‘perceived #funding crunch’ as 2 separate things.
https://t.co/w634Mx7DRJ If #India stops inequality from rising, it could end extreme #poverty for 90M people by 2019 #impinv #startups
https://t.co/aNmS5a7ngX A split of 50-50 or 25-25-25-25 might appear to be a fair arrangement, it’s a recipe for disaster! #founders #equity
https://t.co/EGjvzj8yn2 What's hot and what's not in #fintech, according to a #VC with $100 million to spend
https://t.co/AaVhh0IRIa Do #VCs & #investors rely on gut-feeling when they decide which #startups to back?

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