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How @LabInApp puts an entire laboratory in students' palms https://t.co/wCCmKnOMrs @TiEBangalore #edtechday #education #Innovation
How @Cuemath is making personalised, peer to peer #learning possible - https://t.co/wO2BrV2Ze5 @TiEBangalore @sun1tha_v #edtechday
Can you unbundle the admin aspects of a teacher from the core delivery of #education? #edtechday says Arvind,PALF @TiEBangalore
Here's how @iamhippocampus is #disrupting #education https://t.co/GsApSx4Ps8 #edtechday @sun1tha_v @TiEBangalore @TVMohandasPai
TAM across K-12,Higher Ed ~45k cr, don't get fooled by the large nos, devil in th details says @TVMohandasPai #edtechday @TiEBangalore
https://t.co/ZA1P5NwtV2 Excited to partner with @GEHealthcare's five.eight to improve affordable #healthcare in #emerging #economies

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