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https://t.co/J50mVqDMab Some nonprofits seem better equipped to meet the challenge of scaling in India than others. What gives them an edge?
If you're an #EdTech startup impacting masses & seeking seed funding, we'd love to hear from you https://t.co/xqnBmggSzY #India4Innovation
#India's #EdTech industry is growing; but only on the surface. Here's why https://t.co/9sXD8sbkBv @yesinstituteind #India4Innovation
What #India's failing #EdTech #startups can learn from #China, to succeed? https://t.co/lBvWCtKk6z #India4Innovation @yesinstituteind
https://t.co/Mv5OlvH5Vr How #EdTech @LabInApp is putting the entire laboratory in the students' palms @yesinstituteind #India4Innovation
https://t.co/NXeTyVYxu1 @Cuemath is creating work opps for 2k+ homemakers, benefiting 10K+ students #India4Innovation @yesinstituteind

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